Discontinuation of Course

Course Discontinuation for Non-Compliance

1. A student may be terminated from ECTA, with the Clinical & Academic Director’s approval, under the following circumstances:

  • Violation of ICA regulations;
  • Discontinuation of course, deportation as well as forfeiture of Security Deposit if holder of Student’s Pass is caught working in Singapore or non-compliance of government policies and procedures;
  • Misconduct such as fighting, gambling, smoking or disorderly behaviour;
  • Defamation such as spreading untruth and making damaging remarks about the School, its staff, or fellow students which are deemed to be detrimental to the good name and reputation of ECTA
  • Vandalism, mischief and/or theft;
  • Participation in any wilful or negligent acts that result in damage, loss, theft or activities not befitting the good name of ECTA; or
  • Cheating in assessments, including written examination, any form of plagiarism, or cheating in assessments and written examination may result in disciplinary action, not excluding expulsion from the course.

2. Upon receiving the Course Discontinuation letter, the Student Contract and the Fee Protection Scheme account will be terminated, and the International student will have to surrender his/her Student’s Pass immediately.

3. No refund will be made to any student found to have breached the Course Discontinuation Policy.

Student Contract

All students who accept a place at Swinburne University of Technology through ECTA are required to sign a Student Contract which details the terms and conditions of their enrolment. The terms and conditions are specified by the Committee for Private Education.

For more details of Student Contract, please visit CPE website.

Currently, the Committee for Private Education requires that any student who seeks to change his/her course in any way (including re-moduling of failed subjects) must be provided with a new contract.

ECTA reserves the right to terminate the contract drawn in the event of a student breaking Singapore law.

ECTA reserves the right to terminate the contract drawn in the event of a student breaking Singapore law.

Leave of Absence (LOA) or Withdrawal from Programme

If you intend to apply for a Leave of Absence or a Withdrawal from the Programme, you will need to complete a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form which can be obtained from your respective Course Manager, and lodged with ECTA.

Please note Swinburne University of Technology’s Leave of Absence policy:

  • Leave of Absence will normally be granted only for a maximum of one year
  • International students will normally be granted a Leave of Absence only for six months at a time.
  • Application outcome notifications will be emailed only to a Swinburne student's email address.
  • Any application to extend a Leave of Absence must be submitted and approved before the end date of the initial Leave of Absence.
  • All application must be complete to be considered.
  • A reason is mandatory when applying for Leave of Absence.

More information on Leave of Absence or a Withdrawal from the Programme may be obtain at this link: http://www.swinburne.edu.au/student-administration/enrolment/leave-of-absence/index.html

According to Swinburne University’s policy and procedures, failure to re-enroll or formally apply for a Leave of Absence will mean having to re-apply and re-do the Course.

Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

In the event that you have to withdraw from the course for a compelling reason, please consult the Course Manager at ECTA who will liaise with Swinburne University Policy Advice Department. Under exceptional circumstances and in accordance with Swinburne University’s policy and procedures, a student may be advised to apply for a post-census remission of fees. If successful, a partial refund of the fees paid will be applicable.

Please click here to view the procedure for withdrawal process.